Working Towards ISO14001

Abbey Pynford are totally committed to its obligations to protect the environment and are actively working towards achieving a fully integrated Management System that will fully embrace the related activities of Health, Safety, Quality and the Environmental aspects of our business to deliver an exceptional range of bespoke products.

We are currently Quality Assured to BS 9001, and are striving to achieve Environmental Assurance BS 14001.  It is then our intention to work towards achieving a Health and Safety Assurance BS 18001. This is indeed an ambitious target that will drive the business forward through this current decade as standards become ever more demanding.

Abbey Pynford offer clients a unique combination of design and construction services that totally embrace sustainability which is at the core of our business with a view to minimising our impact on the environment. We do this in many ways through our design teams who minimise material usage through efficient designs, and develop new foundation systems that minimise excavation and soil disposal. We have a vibrant Research and Development department that is continually researching new methods of foundation approach to minimise for instance heat loss in our foundation systems. Our foundations and structures generally offer savings in construction time that indirectly reduce carbon emissions due to site activities and our systems generally involve less deliveries to site contributing in a small way to less traffic on the roads.

We operate a recycling programme both at site and office level, and we have the agreement of our staff for instance to limit company car engine sizes to save fuel. We also actively car share wherever possible.  We work with our suppliers to minimise general construction wastage and have implemented a continuous improvement programme to ensure that we are performing at the optimum level to minimise our carbon footprint.

Finally we believe that our products contribute indirectly and discretely with regard to protecting the environment in other less obvious ways. Our Floodeck system permits sustainable and practical housing developments in flood plains,  without impacting on the flow of water or causing flooding elsewhere. Our retrofit basement product permits further sustainable housing development in dense urban areas where the impact of further land take above ground in already congested areas damages nature’s habitat and limits light and air flow.

In short our green credentials are intact and will be continually improved as our products and systems develop.