Raft Foundations

The foundations industry has changed; traditional pre-designed schemes by Consultant Engineers are replaced with the best modern design and build solutions, bespoke for each site and its conditions.

At Abbey Pynford we offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for foundation solutions, engineered specifically for new structures.  The uptake of the Abbey Pynford Housedeck and Comdeck combined Ground Floor and Foundation System has accelerated significantly over recent years and will become the housing sub-structure of choice, primarily because of the many advantages over conventional foundations.

  • Housedeck – is the foundation for new homes, be they detached or terraced, a low rise bungalow or block of flats, single plots or large developments.
  • Comdeck – is designed to suit commercial and mixed use projects such as schools, care homes, retail, hospitals, prisons, offices and industrial.

Our Promise to You;  With your best interests in mind if we believe that one if our systems is not the most appropriate or cost-effective scheme for your needs we will advise you accordingly.