Underpinning - Subsidence Specialists

What Is Underpinning?

Underpinning is a system that transfers the load of a distressed structure to a suitable bearing stratum below ground. It takes into account the possible effects of ground heave, subsidence or negative skin friction that may be imposed upon the structure.

When Is Underpinning Required?

  • When a building is subsiding
  • When a building is suffering from ground heave
  • When the foundations of the building need to be lowered into the ground, normally to allow excavation below the original foundation depth, for example basement construction

Comprehensive underpinning systems in the UK

Why Use Abbey Pynford?

  1. Ultimately, the success of any project is determined by the quality of personnel undertaking the site work. This is particularly the case with underpinning as, once completed, the underpinning foundations works are very quickly covered with back-filled spoil. Local authority engineers and/or other external supervisory organisations are rarely able to check all of the underpinning foundations work before they are covered up.
  2. We employ the highest level of on-site supervision in the UK underpinning industry. We rely on our highly trained crews to produce high-quality underpinning foundations work on-site, but we also put in place many checks to ensure consistently high standards of workmanship are achieved. We place particular emphasis on careful crew selection, crew training and a graded supervisory regime to suit each crew. Most importantly the pride of our crews in being the best in the business gives our customers the secure knowledge that our work will always be completed to the highest standards.
  3. Abbey Pynford is a member of The Association of Specialist Underpinning Contractors (ASUC), which provides a 12 year guarantee of work undertaken. The Defects Insurance-backed Guarantee scheme is only available to ASUC members.
  4. Guarantees are important – however, it is even more important to have the job done properly from the outset. Any claim, even on the most comprehensive and customer focused guarantee, is likely to cause disruption and stress. It is therefore vital to select the best and most appropriate underpinning contractor from the start.
  5. Abbey Pynford has the widest range of underpinning systems in the UK. This means that you are assured of being offered the most appropriate and cost effective underpinning system to meet your needs. With our extensive R&D programme, you can be sure we will continue to innovate and will be able to offer even wider choice and continued expertise in future, including: -
  • Presscore - continuous or beamed
  • Pynford Base and Beam
  • Pynford Jack Block
  • Traditionally Excavated Underpinning
  • Composite
  • Carragan Base and Beam
  • Conventional Piled with Needles and/or Beams
  • Cantilever Piled Needles
  • Cantilever Piled Needles and Beams
  • Cantilever Raft
  • Pynford Piled Raft
  • Abbey Castle Raft
  • Jack Down Raft
  • Pin Pile and Grout
  • Stitch Piling
  • Building Lifting and Levelling

Further Information

To ensure the highest levels of customer care our underpinning services are managed via two separate divisions within the company and further details on each of these can be found through the following links:

Domestic and Commercial Underpinning Foundations Service