Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire 

Value: £93,000

Size: 280m2

Duration: 4 weeks

Client: Jigsaw Design and Construction

Rig: Hutte 204

Scope of work:

  • The Amaravati Buddhist Community in Hertfordshire is in the process of a phased redevelopment project of their Monastery.
  • As the ground type (clay over chalk) in this area required a piled solution we were able to offer our Comdeck foundation solution. By using our voided system, we were able to mitigate heave risk, a common issue with this soil composition.
  • This is a residential community, so our main focus was causing as little disturbance to the occupants as possible. As Comdeck requires less excavation than standard foundations, the reduced amount of heavy machinery minimised disturbance.
  • Our teams were also very mindful of their conduct on-site by acting in a quiet and respectful manner in accordance with the monastic practices of the site.

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