Beltwood House

Beltwood House

Value: £147,000

Size: 416No. 350mm & 450mm dia. piles

Duration: 6 weeks

Rig: Hutte 204-LM

Scope of work:

  • Abbey Pynford were appointed to design and install the piles for the formation of a single story open site basement structure as part of a residential development scheme.
  • Our pile design consisted of 44No. 350/450mm diameter bearing piles and two 450mm diameter secant piled walls of 54 & 72 linear meters.
  • Our 20T Hutte 204-LM piling rig in sectional flight auger (SFA) mode was utilised to install the piles to a maximum depth of 17.0m in London clay ground conditions.
  • Value engineering of the scheme enabled the bearing pile diameters to be reduced and offer significant savings to the client.
  • Quality control: We completed sonic integrity testing to all piles and daily concrete cubes.

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