Coram Pavilion


Value: £111,000

Size: 341m2

Duration: 5 weeks

Client: Thomas Sinden Construction

Rig: Klemm 709

Scope of work:

  • This site for a childcare facility had serious Arboricultural constraints due to the protected trees extensive root systems and canopy.
  • To tackle the issue of building in the Root Protection Areas (RPA), each pile position was hand augered. If roots were present, pile positions were adjusted by our in-house design team. As Treesafe is a piled slab system, it can accommodate pile relocation easily, compared to traditional methods.
  • By using a piled slab we also avoided the extensive excavation of the originally proposed design which would have severely damaged the root system. We also used an engineered working surface in place of a piling mat, avoiding deeper excavation.
  • Our design used 250mm diameter piles, further minimising the risk to the roots.
  • To accommodate the canopy above, we used a midi-rig with a 10m mast which was able to work under the height restrictions.
  • These works were all overseen and approved by the project Arboriculturist.

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