House in a Garden

Gianni Botsford Architects


Value: £1 million
Size: L11.0m x W14.4m x D11.5m Duration: 13 months
Rig: MAIT Baby Drill rotary bored piles

Scope of work:

  • Installation of a triple story basement within the rear garden of an existing property. All logistics from over pavement gantry and along 1.1m wide alleyway to the side of the existing property.
  • 350mm and 450mm diameter piles installed using rotary bored techniques to a depth of up to 16m below existing garden level. Contiguous piles installed to the perimeter of the property that were designed to act compositely with the new RC liner wall. Temporary piles in the center of the site to facilitate top-down basement installation technique.
  • Basement installed using a top-down technique to prop the contiguous piles with the permanent structure rather than utilising heavy temporary propping onto the restricted site.
  • All internal walls were constructed using spray applied concrete to speed up production and minimize shuttering materials.

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