Lancaster Park

Hungerford, Berkshire

Value: £1.2m
Site size: 100 units / 8,259m2
Duration: 27 weeks
Client: Conlon


This development by Bewley Homes was built on a greenfield site with variable ground conditions. The original scheme proposed by the client’s team tackled this by opting for a myriad of foundation types. Conlon approached us for a rationalised approach to the foundations to strengthen their bid.

  • Keeping it simple

The main complication with the ground conditions was a moderate ground dissolution risk (sinkholes) highlighted in the desk study. Through a detailed analysis of additional targeted testing, carried out in the areas of concern, we were able to downgrade the site risk and use our Housedeck solution. Allowing a cost-effective alternative for this site.

  • Making it safer

Not only did our scheme simplify what would have been a complex scheme we also increased site

safety. We achieved this by reducing trip and fall hazards associated with pile and ground beam and trench fill foundations by using Housedeck.

  • NHBC Approval

To facilitate our scheme, our in-house engineers engaged with the NHBC to gain the technical approval for the downgrading of the ground dissolution risk.

  • On target

All works were completed within the programme, to a high standard and signed off by building control without any Refused Inspections (RI).


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