Sacks Maguire Architects


Value: £1,100,000
Size: 360m2
Duration: 44 weeks
Rig: GEAX XD5 mini rotary bored

Scope of work: 

  • Abbey Pynford acted as the Principal Contractor during the shell & core installation at the property
  • 3 sides of the basement constructed using 450mm diameter rotary open bored contiguous piling technique
  • The other side of the basement was formed using mass concrete underpinning bases beneath the party wall, & reinforced concrete liner walls in front
  • Basement was constructed using top-down installation technique supporting the load of the existing masonry walls prior to excavating the basement
  • Constructed new super structural steel columns, & beams as well as a new RC core & shear walls. All installations designed to support the existing internal steel frame
  • Installed timber joisting throughout the property
  • Sprayed concrete installation technique on the piled liner wall & basement internal walls

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