Frequently Asked Questions: Housedeck

(Standard pile supported foundation system Vs Pile supported Housedeck)

What is Housedeck?

Housedeck is a proprietary foundation system and replaces the need for traditional strip foundations or pile & beam along with the associated brickwork and sub-flooring; improving quality, reducing costs and construction times on your site.

How does Housedeck work?

Essentially Housedeck is a raft foundation, but with our in-house Structural and Geotechnical knowledge, coupled with the latest technology and innovative solutions, we value engineer every job to provide the most effective solution to your foundation requirements.

What are the benefits of Housedeck?

Housedeck has many benefits:

  • Cheaper; when considered as a package solution, Housedeck is competitive against medium to deep strips and all other piled or raft foundations.
  • Quicker; faster construction time and less prone to weather delay
  • Higher quality; Pre-fabricated edge shuttering, accurate setting out and slab finishes
  • Improved programme certainty; A simpler, one stop solution removing interface between foundation contractor and sub-floor installer
  • Improved Safety; No excavations or trenches
  • Reduced preparatory works; often no piling mat required
  • Reduced spoil off site; shallower drainage, no beams or strips and shallower working platform
  • Reduced carbon footprint; Finite element analysis designed to provide the most efficient pile and slab design, reducing materials and thus carbon footprint
  • Cleaner; works undertaken on a clear concrete working surface
  • Pre-approved; Meets all warranty provider requirements (NHBC, LABC, PREMIER)
  • A genuine clear void (where required); no need to design for a crushing load and ideal for flood risk areas where a pathway for water flow may be required
  • Robust; a 100% track record of structural integrity

For more information on our Housedeck system, have a look at our Housedeck service page or give us a call on 01442 212 112 or email us.