It is the intention and policy of Abbey Pynford Services Ltd; Abbey Pynford Geo-Structures Ltd; and Abbey Pynford Foundation Solutions Ltd; that the health & safety, environmental and quality performance is continually improved in order that we become the most respected Design and Build Foundation Engineering Contractor in the UK.
To this end, Abbey Pynford has developed an integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of OHSAS18001, ISO14001 and ISO9001 which is externally certified.
We are committed to:
  • Provide customer satisfaction with the aim of achieving or exceeding their expectations through products and services provided.
  • Provide employee satisfaction by motivating all employees and any sub-contractors working on our behalf to co-operate in establishing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions and to avoid any actions, which may adversely affect the Health, Safety and Welfare of themselves and others.
  • The satisfaction of the wider society and preservation of wildlife by preventing  pollution  and  reducing  emissions  that  arise  from  our  activities,  products, plant, equipment and services.
  • Meet or exceed our specifications, comply with applicable health & safety and environmental regulations, Codes of Practice, guidance notes, British Standards and any other requirements to which we subscribe.
Managers are continually dedicated to a safety culture throughout their departments and to the provision of resources for health & safety, environment and quality management including its improvement by providing ongoing training and access to expert advice.
We will review our policy and procedures, objectives and targets annually and will update all employees and sub-contractors by handing out this policy, posting it on notice boards and uploading onto our webpage for public and other interested parties’ access.