Off-site Construction

Fast, precise, and a more sustainable approach.


When working with off-site construction methods, time, precision, and a sustainable approach are key. 

Whether you are working with completed modular units or pre-fabricated panels that require a ground floor system, we have a foundation system to suit. Our mono capped pile system, Quickcaps, and piled raft systems (Housedeck and Comdeck) outperform piled alternatives in speed, tolerances and sustainability. 

To explore the benefits and details of our Quickcaps system, please see our product page here: more about Quickcaps

Housedeck and Comdeck for off-site construction

Housedeck (residential) and Comdeck (commercial) are our piled raft solutions, offering a value engineered alternative to beam and block foundations. 

  • Reduced Programme and Cost

By mitigating the need for grounds beams, precast floors and using a reduced piling matt (or no piling matt, project dependant), Housedeck and Comdeck use significantly fewer materials, saving money and time on site. These systems also offer more cost certainty, with fewer surprises on site.   

As modular and prefab buildings are generally lighter than traditional methods, our rationalised approach avoids over-engineered foundations that are costly and time-consuming. Our in-house design team value engineer every project, keeping your costs to a minimum. 

  • Tolerances

Installed by our specialist site crews, our piled raft systems also are built to tolerances of +-15mm on plan and +-10mm on elevation. 

  • Applications 

Housedeck is ideal for all residential off-site construction projects that require a piled ground floor scheme. Our commercial solution, Comdeck, is suited for larger-scale off-site construction projects such as Healthcare, Education, etc.

  • Sustainability

Housedeck and Comdeck will also support the sustainable aims of your project. Due to the reduced material use and minimal excavation, our systems send less spoil to landfill, produce fewer emissions from material production and plant movement. We also off our eco concrete mix, developed with Hansons, it uses 50% less C02 than a traditional concrete mix and is as durable and effective. 

For more information on our raft systems, please see on the following pages: Hosuedeck and Comdeck


What our Clients say 


  • ‘Abbey Pynford’s system worked brilliantly for this project. They were quick, tidy and reduced our programme.’

John McVelia, Commercial Manager, Rose Builders

  • From the beginning of the order process right through to design, construction and signing off the works it was a pleasure working alongside Abbey Pynford.

Michael Hayes, Senior Site Manager, Kier

  • Abbey Pynfords worked fantastically well with us. Through solid communication and collaboration the construction has been a success.  I would strongly recommend them for future projects. 

    Sam Kemp, Project Manager, Morgan Sindall 



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