In every basement construction, careful consideration of the appropriate waterproofing measures at an early stage of project development is of utmost importance.

We have accordingly invested in training our staff and offer the services of Certified Surveyors of Structural Waterproofing (CSSW). We are able to develop a designed scheme to suit any structural waterproofing requirements and assure clients that any basement structure is completed with the appropriate protection against water ingress from the ground.

The ground conditions, basement type and construction technique dictates the type of waterproofing that can be used. When forming a retro-fit basement, additional care must be taken to ensure that any waterproofing system encompasses the existing below ground structures subsumed by the new basement.

We can construct the basement shell to conform to all three types of basement waterproofing as set out in BS8102 “the code of practice for the protection of below ground structures against water from the ground.” We have the capability to undertake external Type A lining, Type B water resistant concrete additives or Type C internal cavity drainage systems.

Few companies are able to offer the quality workmanship and engineering know-how to adequately overcome restrictions of these projects within domestic settings.

We can offer a 10 year ASUC insurance backed guarantee for either or both the structure and the waterproofing system.