HOUSEDECK – the ‘one-stop shop’ engineered foundation solution for new homes

Housedeck is a proprietary foundation system and replaces the need for traditional strip foundations or pile & beam along with the associated brickwork and sub-flooring; improving quality, reducing costs and construction times on your site.

Essentially Housedeck is a raft foundation, but with our in-house Structural and Geotechnical knowledge, coupled with the latest technology and innovative solutions, we value engineer every job to provide the most effective solution to your foundation requirements.

Our Housedeck rafts can be built on bored, driven, helical or displacement piles, vibro stone columns, improved ground.


The Benefits of Housedeck

  • Quicker; faster construction time and less prone to weather delay
  • Higher quality; Pre-fabricated edge shuttering, accurate setting out and slab finishes
  • Improved programme certainty; A simpler, one stop solution removing interface between foundation contractor and sub-floor installer
  • Improved Safety; No excavations or trenches
  • Reduced preparatory works; often no piling mat required
  • Reduced spoil off site; shallower drainage, no beams or strips and shallower working platform
  • Reduced carbon footprint; Finite element analysis designed to provide the most efficient pile and slab design, reducing materials and thus carbon footprint
  • Cleaner; works undertaken on a clear concrete working surface
  • Pre-approved; Meets all warranty provider requirements (NHBC, LABC, PREMIER)
  • A genuine clear void (where required); no need to design for a crushing load and ideal for flood risk areas where a pathway for water flow may be required
  • Robust; a 100% track record of structural integrity
  • Cost-effective and real value for money; ask us for a price and find out!

The Housedeck system is flexible to your site and individual plots and we can include:

  • Bearing on any form of pile or improved ground. Flexible piling options to suit your site; rigs from 1.5T to 50T and above
  • Voided or non-voided slab
  • Gas membrane and venting
  • Patented Brick Support Unit facilitating 2 courses of brickwork below SSL or straight shuttered edge
  • Starter bars or bolt boxes for RC and steel frames respectively
  • Reduced excavation volumes and options for soil displacement piles to avoid spoil arisings
  • Steps, lift pits, retaining walls, basements and waterproofing
  • Attendances, drainage, muck away or the role of Principal Contractor

Housedeck is ideal for any site

  • Unusual footprint shapes or features
  • Any construction type; brick built, timber frame, steel frame and proprietary modular build systems
  • Sites that expect obstructions; we often have the ability to move piles within the slab area to avoid obstructions, thus saving time and cost.
  • Building over tree root protection zones through the use of mini piling rigs, hand pre-augering and a voided slab
  • Flood zones via an elevated slab level and clear void permitting water to flow beneath
  • Sites with challenging ground conditions; contamination, dissolution features, quarries, landfill sites, high volume change potential
  • Building over buried assets with spanning or cantilevering slabs
  • Restricted access

For more information about Housedeck, take a look at our latest case studies:

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  • Brookwood Military Cemetery
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