Comacchio CH 450 CFA

Abbey Pynford is a dynamic, multi-award winning ground engineering solutions company with considerable expertise in the complex fields of foundations, underpinning and piling. Drawing on the collective experience of our highly skilled team of engineers, we provide innovative solutions to all ground engineering challenges.

All of our operating sectors include for aspects of piling and we are pleased to offer piling only for projects that suit this.

As a design orientated piling contractor with nearly 30 years of experience and 15 operating piling rigs, we focus on developing efficient and competent designs to economically meet the client’s programme, technical and structural requirements.

We offer a wide range of piling techniques to cater for a variety of ground conditions and logistical situations.


  • CFA bored piling
  • Rotary auger bored piling
  • Helical / screw piling
  • Rotary displacement piling
  • Steel cased driven piling
  • SFA bored piling
  • Restricted access mini piling
  • Self-drilling micropiles
  • Bearing piles
  • Tension piles
  • Contiguous piled walls
  • Secant piled walls

We always welcome early involvement in projects and would be pleased to work with contractors, clients and their teams at any stage of a project to discuss feasibility, design optimisation and information required.  A good quality and well specified site investigation facilitates opportunity to refine designs and we are often asked to assist with putting together a brief for a Ground Investigation Contractor.