Influencing factors such as safety, cost, quality and sustainability have fundamentally changed the way Foundations are built in the UK. Emphasis is being placed on the construction of Engineered Foundations which make best use of materials and lean design.

Abbey Pynford offers a “one-stop-shop” for Foundations and Ground Floors for all buildings and structures in all types of ground condition.

Standard products such as Housedeck and Comdeck are supplemented by a range of hybrid solutions to suit all customers’ needs and situations, from fully designed integrated ground floors and foundations to piling and Ground Improvement only.

  • HOUSEDECK – is the design and construct Integrated Ground Floor and Foundation for new homes and all Residential Developments.
  • COMDECK – which is similar to HOUSEDECK, is designed for all Commercial and Industrial buildings including mixed use, schools, healthcare and social care buildings, retail and custodial.

We invite you to explore what Abbey Pynford products and systems provide you with.. today!

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