Kender Phase 4

Value: £1.25M<

Size: 9 slabs totalling 5420m2

Duration: 24 weeks

Scope of work :

  • The design and installation of piled non-voided Comdeck slabs for flats, offices and housing
  • The installation of 1213no 300mm diameter CFA piles, ave. 7m deep, with a 13.5t midi piling rig
  • The installation of 240no 250mm diameter CFA piles up to 23m deep with 35t piling rig
  • The construction 225 and 300mm thick reinforced concrete Comdeck slabs incorporating the Abbey Pynford galvanised sacrificial straight shutter system.
  • The design and construction of a spanning system, incorporated within some of the proposed slabs, to bridge a Thames Water sewer of 2.4m diameter located 6m below ground level.

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